Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dressed in Holiday Style

So I hung Christmas lights in my window the day after Thanksgiving. All by myself. With tape. And it looks AMAZING!!! I never knew I had such talent for window dressing... but you should see it. It is loveliness itself I must say! I've of course outlined the window in traditional fashion, but then I hung the other lights in such a way that it looks like three trees in my window as well. Talent I say! It's a Christmas Miracle that I didn't fall off the chair and break my neck in the process as there are still boxes in my living room, but still. I'm delighted with my lights and will be sad to take them down.

It's not the first time I've hung lights. I've helped put them on the Christmas tree before. But I think the first time I ever hung them without help of a male family member was when I strung lights around the living room at the CatHouse, turned off all the regular lights and then on came the fog machine and techno music for the Two-Man-Rave. Often imitated, but never duplicated. THAT was an evening.

Since then I've been limited to decorating windows, but I recall an open house one year in which I wound lights around a ceiling fan and then swung them decoratively from one side to another so people would know to put their coats on the bed. Apparently some of the party-goers comments inferred that I was highlighting the bed for some midnight tryst rather than lighting the way for coat shedding. I suppose that one might have thought so, given the way the lights seemed to form a sort of canopy... not my intention really. But everyone interprets "art" in a different way and who am I to say it's wrong? Ha ha. It was rather creative and fun. *I* would have left it year round...

And another thing. Sure white lights are classy, but I feel they're not quite as festive as multicolored lights. White lights are for wedding receptions, parties, and places that you'd need to dress nice. Multicolored lights are for snuggling in your pj's, laying down with your feet by the fire and looking at the Christmas tree. They're just homier and they're all I have or will have.

In spite of how many lights I already have up, I still feel as though I don't have enough. I don't think I'll be happy until my power bill has doubled, and it's already high enough because I don't like a cold house. Still, payday was today and you can never have too many lights up, can you? It's nice to be in a festive mood and made nicer that the roads are still clear. I may hope for a little holiday snow, but given that I plan to travel Christmas Eve... I still hope it stays off the roads at least.

Rachel and Jesse

Rachel and Jesse

Things Currently Making Me Happy

  • All the warm snuggly quilts Grandma made me
  • I have bangs again!
  • Jesse. He's just the best husband!!
  • Little secrets I get to keep
  • Sunshine

Things Currently Annoying Me

  • Dealing with a stubborn 4-year-old
  • I miss my family
  • Less time to spend with my husband and more time to be alone
  • Trying (unsuccessfully) to make friends with someone in my ward...
  • Will it ever be warm again?